TS3 Game Mods by Skadi
Written by Skadi   
Friday, 17 July 2009 10:05

Game Mods

These are XML "tweak" Modifications for TS3. You need to have the Mods/Packages folder setup installed for these to work. You can either use JMP's framework from MATY or Delphy's Framework Install Monkey For Dummies.

Once this has been set up all mods go into the Packages directory. 

You may only use ONE mod that changes a certain category eg: Only one writing mod, only one cooking mod, etc. Using 2 mods that edit the same files can cause both not to work, or your game to go splodie.

Please use the forums for feedback or requests.


Writing mods

Shorter Children's Books - Changes the min/max length from 90/120 to 40/80. Does not change value of the royalties.


Painting mods

Faster Painting - Halves the time to paint the small, medium and large paintings. Does not change value or skill gain.


Computer Whiz Mods

Better Hacking - Allows hacking from 7pm to 7am, slightly increases payment frequency and amount for each model, based on pc cost. See readme for more info.

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