The Garden Club
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Sunday, 20 July 2008 05:39
Quick Points


* There are 3 key areas you are rated: messes, gardening, landscaping

* Landscaping considers the decorative plants, trees and shrubs as well as sculptures, fountains and lights

* Gardening is all you harvestable plants and orchard trees, compost bins and ladybug houses

* Once you are a member of the Garden Club you will get discounted seeds and fertiliser

* A score of 700+ is required to get the wishing well

* You can also get cash rewards

* You can be re-evaluated every 72 hrs (3 days) for another wishing well

* You can have several wells

* If you use a well more than once per 24 hrs the odds of failure increase

* There are three types of wishes - friends, love and money


The Garden Club

The first time you enter a lot in each neighbourhood the garden club representative will appear and introduce themselves.

You can call them at any time under the services option in the phone menu. You can buy the plant sim cure (§60). The other major interaction is to request  garden club membership. This starts a review of your garden. Membership will give you a 25% discount off the cost of fertilizer and the cost of seeds for your crops. 

The Garden Review

During the review your garden is rated on three things: messes [-1000 to 0], landscaping [-1000 to 500], and gardening [-1000 to 700]. The wishing well gift requires a total score of 700, so you need to be fairly strong in all areas to get the required scoring.

There are 5 final score categories:

Very Low  -3000 to -200

Low          -100  to  99 

Normal      100  to  399 

High          400  to  699

Very High  700  to 1000  


Messes are anything that reduces the outside environment score, such as weeds, old newpapers, knocked over flamingos, dog holes, non rain puddles etc. 







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