Seasons and Weather
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Sunday, 20 July 2008 05:41
Quick Points


* You can set the order of seasons at the neighbourhood screen

* Seasons last for 5 days

* New aspiration object can create weather, extend or set seasons

* Summer, Spring and Winter give relationship bonuses    

* Fall/Autumn gives learning and skill bonuses  

* Community lots will have the same weather and season as the home lot

* The neighbourhood season will be the season of the last lot played

* There are 4 weather options - Rain, Hail, Snow and Fine/Sunny

* Hail will only occur in Summer

* The first and last day of a season may exhibit weather from the proceeding and following seasons

* The new aspiration object can give rain, snow, fine, hail and a rain of fire (fail state)

* Sims can die during a hail storm

* Sims can die from extreme cold or heat - Freezing or Burning to death

* The temperature scale goes from -100 to +100

* Ponds freeze at -20

* If your house has no roof, you will have outdoor temperature indoors and you will get weather indoors - rain, hail and snow.

* Pools will always send your sims temperature toward comfortable

* WooHooing will make your sims hotter

* Being in swimwear will keep your sims cooler in summer

* Being in outerwear will keep your sims warm in winter

* Aliens don't get heat stroke

* Vampires and Werewolves can't freeze

* Zombies and Robots are not affected by weather at all

* Pets don't have temperature changes

* Dogs can eat snow


Snow occurs when the outside temperature is  is cold (-30) to very cold (-70) which shows on a sim's thermometer as the blue area's.

Snow comes in two levels, light and heavy. Light gives the ground a light white covering, where as heavy gives the ground a solid and thick level of snow, and makes snow appear on the tops of any items that are outside or without a roof covering them.


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