Plant Sims
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Quick Points

* Plant Sims only have 3 life stages

* Cannot go to college

* Can be cured from adult and elder stages, retaining their gold gardening badge

* Cure provided by Garden Club or Gypsy

* They can spawn children without a partner (asexually)

* Spawned toddlers are able to walk and talk and come with a gold gardening badge

* Plant sims only have 3 needs - Love, Water and Sunlight


Plant Sims

Plant sims are they latest supernatural addition to the sims games.

Plant sims are created by excessive use of pesticides. The Prima guide suggests that it should be 100 sprays before the risk of plant sim-ism is a concern, but play testing suggests that 10 sprays will trigger the increase of plant sim-ism. Every spray after 10 will increase the odds by 10%, which makes plant sims the easiest supernatural sim state to obtain.



With only 3 needs plant sims are very easy to manage, and can be very hard workers with a little planning in the house layout.


Sunlight is similar to the energy need. Plant sims can satisfy this need by either going outside or using the Toasty Garden Lamp Sans Toast (§2000 per lamp, found in the build mode> garden> garden centre). 

Winter can be a hard time on plant sims for their sunlight need to a lamp is a must.

Plant sims will automatically seek out sunlight when their needs get low, but will not seek out lamps. 

In sunlight desperation a plant sim will rush out to the curb to pass out until recharged. If its night time they will stay there until after sunrise - approx 7.30am.


The water need is similar to the hunger need, but is actually based of a hidden hygiene need, so doing things like working out, and going to Athletics careers will make it decay.


The ways to satisfy the water need depend on the age of the Plant sim:


* Drinking juice from a bar

* Drinking water/lemonade

* Playing in rain puddles

* Using a water wiggler (OFB) 

* Water balloon fight/prank

* Standing in rain

* Showering/bathing/hot tubs

* Swimming


* Being Bathed

* Drinking from a bottle

* Eating Flowers

* Playing/sitting in rain/puddles

* Playing in toilets

If the water need gets to low the plant sim will appear wilted, turning slightly brown. Water need failure will see the plant sim rush out to the curb before collapsing. They can be revived by rainfall, being watered by another sim or being watered by the gardener.


The love need works exactly like social. Plant sims satisfy this by talking to other sims, pets or plants.


Plant sims have a maximum temperature of hot (+50) so they can't get very hot, or heatstroke and they cannot die from overheating. They do however, feel the cold and can freeze to death.


Plant sims have two ways of creating children - Spawning (grow plantbaby) and WooHoo (try for baby).

Try for baby

This option will give you a regular sim child with all life stages, but must be initiated by their non-plant sim partner.

Grow Plantbaby

This option is self interaction so they do not require a partner (asexual) allowing a single sim to create a family without needing to meet someone or woohoo. The plant baby will be born straight into the toddler stage, already knowing how to walk and talk, and already having a gold gardening badge. Plant sim toddlers cannot be cured. They can also grow plantbabies as elders.



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