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Details of Skilling in TS3.

* There are 10 different skills available to your sims.

* Children can only learn up to level 5.

* Your sims will learn faster on a community lot such as a library or gym.

* Cheap equipment can slow skilling. eg: a better stove will improve your cooking skills faster than a cheap stove



* Modified by the Athletic trait.

* Lessons at the Stadium



* Modified by the 

* Lessons at City Hall



* Modified by the Natural Cook trait.

* Lessons at the Bistro or Dine.

* Each individual meal has a hidden skill meter, the more you cook it, the better quality the dish will be.



* Modified by the Angler trait.

* Lessons at the Grocery Store



* Modified by the Loves the Outdoors trait

* Lessons at the Science Lab



* Modified by the Artistic, Virtuoso traits.

* Lessons at the Theatre 



* Modified by the Handy trait.

* Lessons at the Military Base




* Modified by the Genius trait.

 * Lessons at the Science Lab




* Modified by the Artistic trait.

* Lessons at the School




* Modified by the Artistic trait.

8 Less


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