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Painting Skill

Uses: Easel

Classes:  School


Level 1 - "Dabble" interaction with the easel.  Dabbling takes 50% longer to paint any given picture.
Level 2 - "Practice" instead of dabble.
Level 3 -  None
Level 4 - "Paint" instead of practice.
Level 5 - Still-Life becomes available to paint.  All paintings created from this skill level on up will begin to appreciate in value over time.
Level 6 - Brilliant paintings can be painted.  Additional Still-Life styles become unlocked so you may choose them (depending on traits).
Level 7 - Portraits now become available to paint.
Level 8 - Still-Life pictures may now be recorded in your cell phone and painted later with "Memorize Scene" and "Paint from Memory".
Level 9 - Masterpiece paintings can be painted. "Somber" style becomes unlocked regardless of traits.

Artistic trait - Skilling in painting is 25% faster if the sim possesses the artistic trait.  



Painting Speed:

Small     - 180 minutes (3 hours)
Medium - 300 minutes (5 hours)
Large    - 480 minutes (8 hours)

+1hr for Perfectionist Trait


Skill Challenges:

Brushmaster: Paint at least 30 paintings [small ones count too] - Cuts painting time in half.

Proficient Painter: Paint at least 6 Brilliant Paintings - Higher chance of painting a brilliant or masterpiece painting.

Master Painter: Paint at least 5 Masterpieces - Paintings are worth more.


Trait modifications on Paintings:

Every pre-made painting in the game has a list of variations that will randomly happen based on your sim's trait list.  For each trait the sim possesses from the list below, the game will randomly determine which pre-made version of the portrait your sim will paint.  It seems to be equally weighted from your list of traits.

No Trait                 (Basic Painting) - If your sim has no other traits, he will always paint the basic version of the painting.  Having another trait will simply put this on the random list.
Artistic                    (Artistic Painting) - Gives a water-color effect to the painting, though with highlighted border effects on the object of the painting.
Can't Stand Art    (CantStand Painting) - Darkens the painting with higher contrast and heavier, thicker brush strokes.
Computer Whiz  (ComputerW Painting) - Gives the painting a square-tiled effect, obliterating any detail.  Useful for decorating bathrooms.
Evil                            (Evil Painting) - Tints the picture heavily towards red, most details are left intact.
Grumpy                 (Gloomy Painting) - Tints the picture heavily towards blue, most details are left intact.
Genius                   (Genius Painting) - Tiles the picture into small white-bordered hexagons/pentagons.
Insane                    (Insane Painting) - Obliterates detail, makes colors more flat and contrasting, shapes become jagged.
Neurotic                (Neurotic Painting) - Turns the painting into a bright neon mess.
Virtuoso                (Virtuoso Painting) - Adds a white flair effect to the painting, most details are left intact.


Still Life Paintings:

Basic Still-Life Portraits - When painting any Still-Life painting, one of the following basic effects will be applied to the painting at random.  There is no way to influence this that I can determine.  Some layered effects, applied later, can obliterate any way to distinguish between the 2 basic effects and the coloration effect.

Paint Portrait - Other than locking the camera at an annoying angle, there is no aesthetic reason to "paint portrait", better results can almost always be achieved with regular "Paint Still-Life".  However, a valuation bonus is applied to the painting, so it can be usefull once your sim starts rolling wishes to "Paint a painting with a value of 5000$ +".

Paint from Memory - Almost useful, except that the effects and styles are set permanently the moment you snap the picture, so no aspiring Warhols, sorry.

Still-Life Basic Effect - This is applied to each and every custom painting you make, seemingly at random.
Stroked - This seems to be the vanilla default.  Your painting will have a long-brush/dotted effect applied to the basic picture. (36 of 50 for me, your mileage may vary)
Bubble Blotch Borked (BBB) - Your painting will have a water-color bubble effect applied to the basic picture. (14 of 50 for me, your mileage may vary). I consider this scrappable failure, you may consider this art.

Sombered! - Even with no other mitigating factors, your painting may pick up the somber style for no reason whatsoever (see below).  Seems to be about a 20% chance.

Still-Life Style Categories - Each "style" is actually a category containing a few different random effects.  Inside each style, a random effect will overlay the basic effect from above.

Somber - Green, purple, red, or blue palette shift.
Insane  - Picks a random color pallete from "Somber" and then gives either a) Jagged Abstract effect or b) a Rounded Abstract effect.  Picture is unrecognizable either way, but each effect is applied the same to each size of painting.
Genius  - Micro-tile Effect, Fat Tile Effect, Jagged Tile Effect

Still-Life Effect Influences - Basically, you may choose a style or the game can pick one for you...or not.  Its all pretty fucking random anyways.

Choosing (Forced) - You may choose one of the above categories, and the game will randomly pick one of the effects in your chosen category to apply to your painting.  This seems to override any of the below influences.
Artistic Trait -  Gives you access to all styles level 6.
Insane Trait -  Gives you access to the Insane Style at level 6.
Grumpy Trait - Gives you access to the Somber Style at level 6.
Genius Trait -  Gives you access to the Genius Style at level 6.
Painting Skill -  Somber Style unlocks at level 9 regardless of other pre-requisites.

Moods and Traits (Random) - In the .xml, "forced" apparently actually means "thrown into the random list".  Having any of the following moodlets or traits on your sim at the time the painting is started may randomly give an effect from the Style list.

Moodlets:  Desolate, Disappointed, HeartBroken, LostAFriend, Mourning, Bored, Embarrassed, Feeling Unlucky, Humiliated, Lonely, Rejected Proposal, Upset, Buzz Crashed.  
Traits:       Can't Stand Art, Grumpy

Moodlets:  None listed.  
Traits:       Over-Emotional, Insane, Neurotic, Never Nude

Moodlets:  Buzzed, Divine Meal, Intrigued, HonorStudent, Learning Quickly, Tranquil
Traits:       Genius


Some information from PolecatEZ's Awesome thread at MATY .


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