TS3 - Installation, Patching and Framework for CC
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Installing TS3, Patches and Framework - Base game only.

There is a lot of confusion over the best way to get TS3 running, so here is a guide to get you started. This first post is for a TS3 install/reinstall only. If you are installing WA or both games please see the next post.

1. Install TS3 as normal. Vista/7 users note: Vista and 7 protect the Program Files/Program files (x86) folders as standard. This can cause some issues with game stability, saving and mods / framerate limiters working successfully. It is a good idea to make a custom install path for TS3 in these operating systems. Mine is in C:/Games/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/

2. Patch your game. You will need to install all patches from 1.2.7 through to 1.10.6. To manually download these patches [recommended] please see 4th post. The advantage to manually downloading and installing these patches is that it saves bandwith if you reinstall and gives you control over the patching process. It's not hard. Simply download all the patches and apply them one by one [double click to run].

3. Install and configure framework. The framework is the files and folders that allow you to use custom package files. There are 3 parts.
Part 1. Go to the The Sims 3 folder where the game installed. It will be in C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/ by default, unless you changed it as above. Place the Resource.cfg file in this folder.

Step 1

Part 2.. Create a folder called Mods. Inside that folder create a folder called Packages, and one called Files. In the Files folder, place another copy of your Resource.cfg as well as DDFMap.txt

Step 2

Part 3. Go into the Game > Bin folder and place the d3dx9_31.dll file in here. If this file already exists just leave it.

Step 3

To save these files. right click and choose save as... or save target as...

Download Resource.cfg Download d3dx9_31.dll Download DDFMap.txt

The Resource.cfg file here supports subfolders as well as *.dbc files. [If you don't know what these are, don't worry, it just gives extra compatibility for certain files.] I still place my default overrides for skin and eyes, plus AwesomeMod and its config file straight into the package folder. You can create subfolders if you want to organise your file like I have here:

Part 4

And there you have it. Install custom .package files into the Mods>Packages folder and enjoy your game.

TS3 + World Adventures Install.

Installing the base game and WA is not that much different from installing just the base game.

1. Install Base Game
2. Install patches 1.27, 1.3.24,1.4.6 and 1.6.6 then stop.
3. Install framework as per post above.
4. Install World Adventures
5. Install patch 1.7.9, WA patch 2.2.8, 1.8.25, WA patch 2.3.33, 1.9.22, WA patch 2.4.7, 1.10.6, WA patch 2.5.12.
6. Install only the Resource.cfg and d3dx9_31.dll in the World adventures folder.



You should be ready to go. Most of the time you can leave your mods>packages folder in the base game file and everything will work without issues. Some people have found they have to move it to the same place in the World Adventures folder. It seems to be trial and error, so if your content doesn't show at first, move the folders across.

High End Loft Stuff [HELS] Install.

1. Install TS3 / WA as above
2. Patch base game to 1.9.22
3. Patch WA [if installed] to 2.4.7
4. Install HELS
5. Install only the Resource.cfg and d3dx9_31.dll in the HELS folder as shown.
6. Patch base game to 1.10.6, WA 2.5.12 and HELS 3.1.7



List of Patches for manual download:
IMPORTANT: If you have installed your game in a custom folder [not the default installation path] then you will need to manually patch - but it will work, despite what EA claims.
You need to use the right patch for your game. To find out what region code you need look for the version number at the bottom left hand corner of the launcher. The last number is your region.

All patches are available from Simprograms.  Base Game World Adventures High End Loft

You need to install your patches in this order:
Base game only
1.2.7, 1.3.24, 1.4.6, 1.6.6, 1.79, 1.8.25, 1.9.22, 1.10.6

Base game + WA
1.2.7, 1.3.24, 1.4.6, 1.6.6, Install WA, 1.79, WA 2.2.8, 1.8.25, WA 2.3.33, 1.9.22, WA 2.4.7. 1.10.6, WA 2.5.12

Base game +WA +HELS
1.2.7, 1.3.24, 1.4.6, 1.6.6, Install WA, 1.79, WA 2.2.8, 1.8.25, WA 2.3.33, 1.9.22, WA 2.4.7,  Install HELS, 1.10.6, WA 2.5.12, HELS 3.1.7

Base game + HELS
1.2.7, 1.3.24, 1.4.6, 1.6.6, 1.79, 1.8.25, 1.9.22, Install HELS, 1.10.6, HELS 3.1.7

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